Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Series - Three Beautiful Things Tuesdays!

I've decided to switch things up on the blog a little bit! Yes, I'm a vegan, and yes, I like to exercise, but I'd also like to write about non-vegan things, like doing crafts (mostly knitting and yes, there are some non-animal fibers vegans can knit), music I like, and just general life events that I'd like to share. I follow some other lifestyle blogs, and I really like the personal touch of reading along and following the story of someone's life.

I've been vegan for over a year now, and it's feeling like old hat to me now. Don't get me wrong! I still love reading vegan blogs and getting ideas for new recipes, and I'm sure I'll continue to post my own. However, I want to expand my focus to the wider, more accessible world of the blogosphere.

So starting today, I'm doing a new series: Three Beautiful Things Tuesdays! There is a wonderful blog entitled Three Beautiful Things hosted by Ms. Clare, and she invites everyone to join in the party. The idea is that you are to post three beautiful things about your day, life, the world, whatever. I don't think I can commit to everyday. Therefore, I'm only committing to Tuesdays, which should hopefully also help me stay more on track for a regular blogging schedule. (I'll at least be posting new content every Tuesday! Yay!)

I hope you enjoy my Three Beautiful Things (or 3BT), and also please check Clare's original TBT blog out!

1.  Yesterday night, I went swimming for the first time since my foot surgery on July 28th, and it was so great! I'm in much better shape than I thought. I swam 1,000 meters (further than expected) and even passed some people because they were swimming slower than me!

2.  This morning, I had an awesome (vegan) blueberry muffin for breakfast, courtesy of the awesome vegan-goods-stocked-bakery at the Tenleytown Whole Foods (near the pool where I like to swim)!

3.  I had enough time this morning to make a delicious chai spice latte and take my time to really savor it (with the previously-mentioned muffin)!  I'm usually in a rush in the mornings and not a morning person, so this does not happen often in my world.

Please feel free to add your own Three Beautiful Things in the comment section if you feel so inclined!

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