Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yoga and Easy Dinner after work I went to a free yoga class, which was pretty awesome and FREE!
(Can you tell by the awkward smirk and bad camera angle that I don't take selfies often?)

Anyway, so by the time I finally got back home, I was pretty. damn. HUNGRY!!!  I definitely didn't feel like making anything complicated, so I had my good friend Amy prepare dinner for me. :)
 Just heat and serve!
 Yum, yum!

Isn't that bowl pretty?  I got this awesome handmade and hand-painted bowl (as a set of 4 bowls) from my aunt and uncle as a belated wedding present. I think the bowls are beautiful, and one of the most unique gifts that we received.

This particular gifting uncle also makes his own maple syrup, despite the fact that he doesn't have a single maple tree! He just asked some people he knew with sugar maples on their property if he could poach their trees for sap. (I'm sure he more than compensated for this by giving them lots of yummy free maple syrup in return!) He brought lots of syrup to family events and gave it all away to us, too! Yum!

After some delectable soup from Amy, I also made my personal favorite food in the world ...

I probably should just come clean now and admit that I may have a slight popcorn addiction. I eat popcorn at least 3-7 times per week and sometimes I actually even daydream about when I will next make my beloved popcorn! I'm very relieved that popcorn is vegan (unless you add butter, which I never even did beforehand) or else I would probably not survive this whole "Vegan Challenge" deal.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics.  Hopefully, I won't be as lazy this weekend, and I'll introduce you to some more delicious and nutritious vegan recipes!

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