Friday, October 10, 2014

Meal Plan Update: Vegan Orange-Glazed Tempeh

Today's review is of Wednesday night's meal plan recipe: Vegan Orange-Glazed Tempeh from Odd Little Vegan's blog. Check out the recipe on her site:

This recipe was freaking delicious! I like tempeh, but I only have one sauce that I know how to make. Well, now I've found a new way to make tempeh. It's super quick and easy to prepare. I rounded this dish out with some brown rice and edamame. I recommend that you hop on over to Odd Little Vegan's blog immediately and try it out. Or try any of the other yummy recipes she's posted.

This week, I 've only been able to make the Clean, Mean Burritos from The Kind Diet By: Alicia Silverstone (which were awesome, as expected) and the Orange-Glazed Tempeh, but I hope to make a few more this weekend. I plan to carry over the ones I don't have time to make this week into next week's meal plan because I just really want to try them all eventually.

Also, I have a question for my vegan readers: What cruelty-free make-up brands do you recommend? I'm having a hard time finding products that I like and some of them are expensive. So it'd be nice to get some reviews or recommendations before I invest another $16 in sub-par, clumpy vegan mascara. Also, if you know of any reliable sites that review vegan beauty products, feel free to let me know about them in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Omg, looking at that is making me hungry! I had some dental work done today though, so i'm eating through a straw for a day or two. No tempeh for me :(

    Thanks so much for trying the recipe, and for linking back :) I'm so glad you liked it!

    As for make-up, I don't know how much help i'll be to you, because I don't wear it much... Actually, I started explaining what I use, and it was turning into an epically long comment, so i'm going to post it at my blog, and include all the vegan bath stuff i'm using at the moment too (I just got a bunch of stuff from iHerb, which i'm in LOVE with). I'll let you know when I post it :)

    It was so much easier finding stuff when I was living in Sydney, because I could actually go into stores and try stuff out, but now I have to buy everything online, and i'm hesitant to try anything new because if it sucks then i'm stuck with it.

    Okay, i'm nodding off on my keyboard, I better go to bed. Hope you're well :)


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